VP-1 Dual Mode VIZpin Reader/Controller

$625.99 +HST

The ECKey EK6 Smartphone reader is a long-range Bluetooth Proximity reader for use with third party access control systems. The EK6 reader can easily be installed in new applications or as a retrofit or upgrade to an existing reader or other access control device.

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Your phone is your key. With VIZpin you can send secure electronic keys to anyone, from anywhere at any time, perfect for controlling access for employees, tenants, visitors and vendors.

Our encrypted VIZpin electronic keys use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, making them essentially impossible to hack or duplicate and unlike cards and keys, people don’t share their phones.

Electronic access control is now affordable for every door. VIZpin eliminates expensive panels, networks and wiring saving you up to 75%/door on installation.

Subscription required.